Testimonials: Ear Infections

Sonia Sawitski

Ever since visiting the chiropractic about a year ago, there have been noticeable improvements to my health. I have had chronic ear infections, since the age of five. Allergy shots reduced the number of ear infections. The ENT and allergist would prescribe decongestants and expectorants to be taken every day of my life in varying doses.

After my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief. Since that time, my ears have not been congested with fluid. This fluid would cause discomfort most of the year especially during the cold season when the pressure in the ear would be just as painful as the ear infection itself.

Now, when I contract a headcold, I do not have the horrible pain and pressure in my ear that I endured most of my life. I do not use decongestants or expectorants every day as before. I have had more relief from the adjustments than the highest does of medicine. I did not know an ear could be so clear from fluid. I believe that this is what normal ears feel like and had no idea that I was in so much minor discomfort, until the adjustments brought a relief to it.

Sonia Sawitski

The Rices

Success Story…

On April 2nd, 2003, God gave us our third child…Hannah! Our oldest child is Jacob (8), and middle child Tyler (4). Hannah is now 16 months old. From birth, Hannah has had problems with acid reflux and ear infections. Our original reason to seek chiropractic care was to help my wife’s neck problem. Boy! We were shocked to learn that Dr. Jeff felt that he could help Hannah. Hannah did not sleep at all at night. She may sleep for an hour or two and then she would be up for an hour or two. After her first adjustment, Hannah slept ALL NIGHT! Whenever Hannah has trouble sleeping…Dr. Jeff is put on the schedule for the next day. Hannah’s ears are clear, no acid reflux, and family sleep time. We praise God for our friendship and chiropractic advice we have found with the Davenport Family Chiropractic crew!

~Tim, Nicole, Jacob, Tyler, and Hannah Rice