Testimonials: Digestive Issues

The Dosters

Chiropractic care has improved the health of our entire family. Bruce (39) had neck, shoulder and back pain for years. He also had frequent headaches. Symptoms were relieved after the first adjustment and continue to improve. Cathy (33) had insomnia, hip pain, headaches and diarrhea. Insomnia and diarrhea ceased after the first adjustment, and the hip pain and headaches continued to decrease as well. Alex (11) has allergies and since getting adjustments, he decreased his medicine by more than half. Andy (7) and Anna (3) have seasonal allergies and frequent respiratory problems. Their medicines have been eliminated and symptoms have started but stopped in a few days as opposed to having a cold or infection with antibiotic treatment. We recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone we know because it has improved the quality of life for every member of our family!

The Doster Family

Deborah Purcell

I started working with Dr. Jeff Davenport, because of physical pain in my back. Since June 2001, he adjusted my spine with excellent results. I am currently pain-free and thoroughly enjoying this. Another benefit of chiropractic was a total surprise to me!

After years of being unable to drink or eat dairy products without consequence and digestive problems with other foods as well, I made an amazing discovery by accident!

I was eating out in a restaurant and discovered that the entrée I was eating had cheese in it. Of course, I found this out after I had eaten some of it. I prepared for the problems that were to follow s they always did when I ate dairy. The rest of the day passed and no problems were to be seen. I just knew it was going to hit the next day! However, the next day passed without incident as well.

Then it hit me! I had been seeing Dr. Jeff for quite a few months by this time and the lack-of-dairy-problem had to be a direct result of his adjustments! I literally ran to the kitchen and ate a piece of cheese, on purpose, with the full intentions of seeing if this was a one time occurrence or long-term benefit.

I am very happy to report that I now eat a bowl of Cheerios in the morning and a grilled cheese sandwich whenever I want one as well as lasagna, stuffed shells, and cheeseburgers…without incidents.

Thank you, Dr. Jeff! I believe my healed digestive system is a direct result of yoru skill as a chiropractor and to chiropractor itself!

‘Cheese to you, Dr. Jeff!

Deborah Purcell