Testimonials: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Susan Colegrove

In 1997, at the age of 58, I suddenly became a published author, much to my surprise! I have always loved writing, but I wrote stories for pleasure alone, never thinking that anyone would read them. I didn’t even look for a publisher, but one found me. Soon after my first book was published, I realized that the publishing business was going to cause enormous stress for me. Perhaps some people would enjoy public appearances, traveling, attending conferences and festivals—but not me! So when I was compelled to do these things, I began developing signs of extreme stress. My weight dropped down from a healthy 127 pounds to a weak-in-the-knees 110, I developed severe IBS, and my hands turned icy cold and trembled all the time. Being thrust into that dreaded “spotlight” was taking a severe toll on my body, but because I have spent my entire life doing whatever needed to be done, I could only press forward, silently cursing my stressed-out body and trying to ignore it. I wrote and published four more novels, promoting each one as it was released and ignoring the symptoms of stress.

In 2004, after accomplishing four large promotional events in only four days, I suddenly developed a stiff neck and muscle spasms that hurt so terribly, they made me nauseated. My son had been treated by the Davenport Family Chiropractic clinic when he lived in this area, and he recommended I see Dr. Davenport. I made the appointment, but I felt so discouraged, I was actually in tears. Added to other stress symptoms (the IBS, the icy, shaking hands that kept me from writing by hand or even from being able to put on my pierced earrings) that terribly painful neck seemed to be a final debilitating physical discomfort for me to endure.

In this state of discouragement, I went for my first appointment with Dr. Davenport. He immediately put me at ease with his quiet manner and his kind humor as he made his gentle, initial examination. His staff members were highly professional and showed concern for my condition. After the first adjustment, I felt better immediately. My neck became more flexible and the muscle spasms reduced and then disappeared completely. After the second treatment, I was in a big surprise—for the first time in seven years, my hands stopped shaking, and they warmed up, all on their own! I had forgotten what it feels like to have calm, warm hands. While I expected my neck pain to reduce, I never expected additional benefits.

I am coming up on my forth treatment, and I feel such a sense of hope! Instead of being limited by my body, I am learning that it simply needed some expert care. At last, I am done with simply enduring constant discomfort. I have become a true believer in Chiropractic medicine, and I expect to be a patient of Dr. Davenport’s forever. The quality of my life has been drastically improved!