Testimonials: Allergies

Sarah Elyse Parker

This is a success story about Sarah Elyse Parker. She is a lovely, energetic 2 ½ year old girl who came to Dr. Jeff at the end of August 2000 when, as a parent and decision maker for her health, I had reached a point of frustration with the conventional medical treatment Sarah Elyse was receiving at that time. At age 1, Sarah Elyse was diagnosed with “antibody specific deficiency” which basically means that she does not produce antibodies like an average healthy person of her age. She caught colds and ear infections and kept them for weeks. She had numerous food and environmental allergies that added to her poor health. She was grayish in color and losing weight. We received treatment from an allergist/immunologist for 1 year. Her food allergies were detailed by skin testing and she was given 2 prescription drugs for allergies to be taken twice a day. At age 1 ½, although some improvement in her health was gained, she still did not sleep through the night. She was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux and given another prescription. During this time she also received an experimental treatment of a vaccine to jumpstart her immune system. She passes her second birthday and slowly her health began declining. She had chicken pox for 3 weeks, even though she received the vaccine. She caught a cold virus and was ill for 1 month. All the while, we are told to increase the doses of her medicines and she will improve, but here she is, not thriving, losing weight, and back on square one. The doctor then recommended another experimental vaccine to be given to her to boost immune function, increase her treatment for reflux to 2 teaspoons of Zantac a day, and to begin transfusions once a week of antibodies filtered from the general blood supply. When this treatment was proposed, I did as much research that I could find on the vaccine and the transfusions. I found that the vaccine caused death in several infants and auto-immune disorders and diabetes in children under age of 5. I talked to several parents who had children that received the transfusions of antibodies. They said it was a grueling process for the child (you must be admitted to the hospital and be transfused for 3 hours) and none of these parents said it helped significantly. It was at this time that I met Dr. Jeff at a health talk. After a long discussion and a few e-mails, I decided to bring her in to Dr. Jeff and postpone the more invasive treatments. Sarah Elyse’s transformation has been astonishing and wonderful. Her reflux went away after only 1 week of adjustments. She has only had 2 sick days related to her environmental allergies, but we have been able to manage that with herbs. She no longer takes prescription drugs and has been healthier than her peers at school thus far. Dr. Jeff had some his gentle work and now her healing system is turned on. Not once was Sarah Elyse in pain and she knows Dr. Jeff will never make her take bad tasting medicine or stick her with needles. I, of course, will stick to her program Dr. Jeff laid out for her and wait for more wonderful things to happen. I will always be grateful to Dr. Jeff for his caring way and for taking Sarah Elyse down a path to a healthier way of life.

Bryce Finn Parker

My son’s name is Bryce Finn Parker and he is four and a half years old. He is an active fun loving little boy, but he has suffered with allergies, which resulted in ear infections, since he was two and a half years in age. The signs of allergies he would show were rashes on his face and torso and puffy eyes. He also complained of headaches and earaches. The rashes became so severe that we consulted an allergist in June of 1999. We had initial success with his treatment with Zyrtec, but began seeing diminishing results with the medicine by December 1999. The doctor recommended that we add Flonase a steroid medication, to treat the allergies to dust mites. This medication was to reduce inflammation and reduce fluid in his ears, which led to ear infections. We tried this medicine for two weeks with no visible difference in Bryce’s condition. In March of 2000, Bryce began to show sings of asthma. He wheezed and had coughing spells that lasted for about 10 minutes or longer. He had trouble catching his breath, so we made an emergency trip to the doctor. The doctor immediately gave him prednisne, a steroid to stop the cough, and prescribed Singular, to take along with the Zyrtec. He again recommended Flonase, but we refused. Even though, Bryce was taking two allergy medication and still showing signs of his allergies we questioned the doctor about the effectiveness of Bryce’s medications. The doctor became irritated, but still decided to continue his plan of care. My husband and I saw an article about Chiropractic care benefits one of which included ear drainage and reduction of ear infections. The article also listed chiropractic as an alternative to tubes. We met Dr. Jeff, went to a health talk, and started treatment three weeks ago. Bryce no longer complains of itchy or achy ears, he has no signs of asthma, and no longer takes any medication other than vitamin C. My husband and I recommend to all parents to try this as an alternative to prescription drugs and tube implants for their children. We are amazed by the results just after three weeks and know that this will maintain his health through the cold season.

Sincerely a chiropractic believer,

Monique Parker