Testimonials: Neck Pain

Anne Tiller

On April 2, 2002, I awoke with pain and a burning sensation in my neck. I made an appointment with my doctor. After several months of medication treatment, I was still not doing any better. This doctor then sent me to yet another doctor. After three more months of treatment, there was still no relief. After a series of five different doctors, I was ready to just give up.

One Sunday morning in my Sunday school class, I was discussing my frustration with another lady. She asked me if I had ever thought about seeing a chiropractor. I made an appointment at Davenport Family Chiropractic. I was referred to Dr. Jeff. After only two visits, I began to have relief from my pain. I feel much better. I would advise anyone suffering neck pain to give chiropractors a try.

Thanks to you, Dr. Jeff, I finally have some relief. Thanks for listening. Anne Tiller

George Krumm

I have lupus erythematosus and pain is part of the symptoms that go with that disease. It is necessary to take medications to relieve the pain that will always occur. I’ve manifested lupus symptoms since around 1992. A neurologist diagnosed my having lupus, but he recommended that I go to an arthritic physician. That physician gave me no schooling about lupus concerning diet, restrains from certain foods and activities, all of which I had to get on-line.

My present symptoms started on March 1, 2006; the ultimate cause of which was due to lupus. I had a sharp pain on the upper and front part of the pelvic bone and I was advised that it was due to nerve pinching. The pain was so intense that I had much difficulty standing, walking and even going to the bathroom. My family physician and my neurologist could offer no reasonable assistance to relieve the pain.

I had used a chiropractor at one time in the past. He gave me a period of treatments and then dismissed me after I reached better health. He retired and was no longer available.

When the above-mentioned new symptoms appeared, two ladies, with whom my wife and I are good friends, recommended I go to Dr. Davenport. Upon my first visit, I received some relief, but he and I both knew other sessions were needed and my body could heal between treatments. I was given four adjustments for the first week and then given three adjustments the next two weeks. I am now down to one adjustment every two weeks. The number of sessions has lessened as my body heals itself.

At present, I have been able to continue doing my daily chores around the house and the yard. My walks around the neighborhood have gotten longer and at a faster pace. I have been able to drag limbs and bushes from my woods. I have even started my lawnmower and mowed my lawn.

I realize that I will always have pain and have to take mediations and be under the watchful care of my physician and certainly Dr. Jeff to keep me the best shape possible. I have been quite satisfied with the care given to me by Dr. Davenport. He is a conscientious person and “is down-home.” I have recommended and will continue to recommend him to my friends.

George Krumm of Watkinsville

Anne Giles

For as many years as I can remember, I have had neck pain; however, several months ago, I had a time of intense and excruciating pain ending up in the emergency room for pain relief twice in as many weeks in pre-dawn hours. During the next two weeks, I was never out of pain and could not sleep except sitting up. I also had eight weeks of physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy…as well as muscle relaxers and narcotics. Some or all of the above eased my pain, but I still used ice, heat, and pain relievers.

I have been to chiropractic treatments (adjustments) three times a week for three weeks and in short time, I have felt my neck move more, and be less stiff with very little pain medication.

Ann Giles

Holly Sanford

I’ve suffered from lower back, shoulder, and neck pain for many years. For the last 7 years I have treated myself to massage therapy sessions twice a month. While the massage therapy has kept me going, I’ve always wondered what a Chiropractor could do for me.

I’ve been bucked off a horse, and I’ve fallen down a flight of stairs (no alcohol was involved!) Actually it was a simple step over the baby gate that got me to seek out chiropractic care. As I stepped over the baby gate, I felt a “pop” in my back and spent the next 2 days unable to stand erect without significant pain.

My massage therapist had recommended Dr. Jeff’s office to me on numerous occasions so I contacted them immediately after my incident. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff now for the past 3 months and I must admit I feel better than I have in a long time. My acute problem began to improve with my very first adjustment and I find myself looking forward to my scheduled visits. This, of course, is odd because I have never been one to go to the doctor. Since seeking Chiropractic care, my sinus and digestive problems have improved as well.

I would highly recommend Chiropractic care to everyone, especially if you suffer from chronic back or neck problems. Who knows, it might help with other problems you may have as well.

Holly Sanford

Frank Garrett

My name is Frank Garrett and I’ve been a brick layer for 35 years. I’ve also had several traumas to my back and neck. In one incident a beam was dropped on my head from 15 feet in the air; it required 36 stitches and resulted in stiffness in my neck and back, headaches, and fractured skull. For several years now, I’ve had tremendous stiffness in my neck, also sharp and dull pains in the lower back.

I never had the desire for doing anything after work because of the aches and pains, and I actually thought I would have to quit my trade. I have never been satisfied with normal medical exams, since they usually resulted in prescribed pain medicine.

I was at my wits end when I received a brochure advertising chiropractic care in the mail. So I decided to try Dr. Jeff Davenport and the results have been tremendous after only three months of care. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I have absolutely no more neck pain, which in itself is a miracle. That constant pain had made me so irritable that I mostly wanted to be left alone.

Now my lower back pain is dissipating at a tremendous rate and I in general feel physically and mentally 100% better. I highly recommend chiropractic care, especially from Dr. Jeff Davenport. Frankly, he has made life worth living again for me.

Betsy Curtis

Who says “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Being a nurse for 50 years, I have an avid interest in healing and wellness. Always in the back of my mind I wondered about chiropractic treatments and knew several nurses who swore by their effectiveness. About three or four years ago when my arthritis worsened to the point that I needed daily palliative measures (heat, ice, rest, and elastic wraps) to ease the discomfort, I briefly considered going to a chiropractor but settled for instant relief to a long standing problem by going to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me cortisone injections.

After two knee surgeries over a period of 10 months and using a cane for support, my lower back became chronically painful, limiting most of my daily activities. Weight gain from inactivity only put more stress on my arthritic joints which caused even more pain.

My son had severe sciatic nerve pain and was greatly helped by Dr. Davenport. At his recommendation, I reluctantly “tried it out.” My back pain had become constant at this point and left me walking incorrectly; I felt discouraged about being able to lead an active life. Not able to take steroids or NSAIDs, I found that aspirin helped but because of the side effects, I had to limit my intake to that medication.

It was beginning of February of 2006 that I came to Davenport Family Chiropractic. Because I am 73 years old with a new total knee replacement, generalized osteo-arthritis, and 20 lbs overweight, I marvel at the improvement in my pain level. I had imagined that the chiropractic adjustments would hurt…quite the contrary; I look forward to the treatment. I have scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine) which has been with me for a long time, so I don’t expect miracles. Having relief from constant pain and coming to a caring doctor who listens and seems sincere in his efforts to work with you is most rewarding. I certainly recommend chiropractic care to anyone!

Dr. Davenport’s office is the only one I’ve ever been to, so I am spoiled to this that all chiropractors are as kind and efficient. His staff is absolutely the epitome of professional courtesy and consideration.

Oops! Almost forgot to mention what seems to be a permanent solution to a digestive problem I had for the past four years: esophageal spasm. I had been taking Reglan a half hour before meals, followed by Tagamet twice a day to prevent my condition. After chiropractic treatments, I am no longer in need of medication! Thanks to Dr. Davenport!

Elizabeth “Betsy” Curtis

Katrina Evans

I started coming to Dr. Jeff about a year ago. My lower back had been hurting for quite some time and my neck hurt so much when I turned my head from side to side. As time went on, the pain from my head to my lower back became so intense that my whole body ached to simply turn over in bed – I am not exaggerating! I had NEVER been to a Chiropractor before, but I was certainly willing to give it a try. I refused to believe I “had to live with this!” because of my age…I’m still too young!

A patient of Dr. Jeff’s steered me toward Davenport Family Chiropractic. In just a few visits, all of the pain was gone…just like that. My job, now, is to stick to a regular appointment schedule of approximately every two weeks in order to maintain my well-being. Because when I don’t see Dr. Jeff on a regular basis, I suffer. The pain I used to experience gradually begins to return, forcing me back to Dr. Jeff for an adjustment. And when I get the adjustment, I feel so much better and again, the pain is gone. It’s amazing!!! I had no idea how important Chiropractic is!!!

Katrina Evans

Mary Malcombe

I am a nurse and I was not too sure about chiropractic care.  I went with my husband to his first appointment.  I found it to be very interesting.  I am pregnant and I did not know chiropractic care could benefit me.  I was having low back pain, neck pain, and I’ve always had sinus problems for years when I got pregnant.  I could not take sinus medication.  I thought I had to live with the low back pain and hip pain because I was pregnant.  It was hard to sleep at night.  My OB said I could just take Tylenol and Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  I have been very nervous about taking any kind of medication while being pregnant.  Since coming to Davenport Family Chiropractic, I just take my prenatal vitamins and I sleep better at night.  I recommend this to any pregnant woman having low back pain and trouble sleeping at night.  This has been a great experience for me.  I feel very safe while being pregnant under chiropractic care.  The pregnancy pill is so comfortable.  Both my husband and I are having great results.

Mary Malcome

Susan Colgrove

In 1997, at the age of 58, I suddenly became a published author, much to my surprise! I have always loved writing, but I wrote stories for pleasure alone, never thinking that anyone would read them. I didn’t even look for a publisher, but one found me. Soon after my first book was published, I realized that the publishing business was going to cause enormous stress for me. Perhaps some people would enjoy public appearances, traveling, attending conferences and festivals—but not me! So when I was compelled to do these things, I began developing signs of extreme stress. My weight dropped down from a healthy 127 pounds to a weak-in-the-knees 110, I developed severe IBS, and my hands turned icy cold and trembled all the time. Being thrust into that dreaded “spotlight” was taking a severe toll on my body, but because I have spent my entire life doing whatever needed to be done, I could only press forward, silently cursing my stressed-out body and trying to ignore it. I wrote and published four more novels, promoting each one as it was released and ignoring the symptoms of stress.

In 2004, after accomplishing four large promotional events in only four days, I suddenly developed a stiff neck and muscle spasms that hurt so terribly, they made me nauseated. My son had been treated by the Davenport Family Chiropractic clinic when he lived in this area, and he recommended I see Dr. Davenport. I made the appointment, but I felt so discouraged, I was actually in tears. Added to other stress symptoms (the IBS, the icy, shaking hands that kept me from writing by hand or even from being able to put on my pierced earrings) that terribly painful neck seemed to be a final debilitating physical discomfort for me to endure.

In this state of discouragement, I went for my first appointment with Dr. Davenport. He immediately put me at ease with his quiet manner and his kind humor as he made his gentle, initial examination. His staff members were highly professional and showed concern for my condition. After the first adjustment, I felt better immediately. My neck became more flexible and the muscle spasms reduced and then disappeared completely. After the second treatment, I was in a big surprise—for the first time in seven years, my hands stopped shaking, and they warmed up, all on their own! I had forgotten what it feels like to have calm, warm hands. While I expected my neck pain to reduce, I never expected additional benefits.

I am coming up on my forth treatment, and I feel such a sense of hope! Instead of being limited by my body, I am learning that it simply needed some expert care. At last, I am done with simply enduring constant discomfort. I have become a true believer in Chiropractic medicine, and I expect to be a patient of Dr. Davenport’s forever. The quality of my life has been drastically improved!


Muggsy Kenimer

After one adjustment from Dr. Jeff’s very capable hands, my stiff neck was relieved. My lower back pain was gone and my quality of life was restored. The pre-adjustment exam was thorough and professionally done. Don’t give in to back pain! See Dr. Jeff!

Muggsy Kenimer

The Rices

On April 2nd, 2003, God gave us our third child…Hannah! Our oldest child is Jacob (8), and middle child Tyler (4). Hannah is now 16 months old. From birth, Hannah has had problems with acid reflux and ear infections. Our original reason to seek chiropractic care was to help my wife’s neck problem. Boy! We were shocked to learn that Dr. Jeff felt that he could help Hannah. Hannah did not sleep at all at night. She may sleep for an hour or two and then she would be up for an hour or two. After her first adjustment, Hannah slept ALL NIGHT! Whenever Hannah has trouble sleeping…Dr. Jeff is put on the schedule for the next day. Hannah’s ears are clear, no acid reflux, and family sleep time. We praise God for our friendship and chiropractic advice we have found with the Davenport Family Chiropractic crew!

Tim, Nicole, Jacob, Tyler, and Hannah Rice

The Dosters

Chiropractic care has improved the health of our entire family. Bruce (39) had neck, shoulder and back pain for years. He also had frequent headaches. Symptoms were relieved after the first adjustment and continue to improve. Cathy (33) had insomnia, hip pain, headaches and diarrhea. Insomnia and diarrhea ceased after the first adjustment, and the hip pain and headaches continued to decrease as well. Alex (11) has allergies and since getting adjustments, he decreased his medicine by more than half. Andy (7) and Anna (3) have seasonal allergies and frequent respiratory problems. Their medicines have been eliminated and symptoms have started but stopped in a few days as opposed to having a cold or infection with antibiotic treatment. We recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone we know because it has improved the quality of life for every member of our family!

The Doster Family

Miki Vizzini

I have been having neck and shoulder pain for over 20 years.  My neck was very stiff and lacked any range of motion due to 3 separate cases of whiplash over a 20 year period.  I found it unbearable to sit and read a book.  It felt like someone was pushing on the top of my head causing extreme pressure in the base of my neck.  When wearing a collar and tie, I felt as if I could not turn my head.  I finally decided to try a chiropractor as muscle relaxors and pain medication were no longer easing the symptoms.  After my first adjustment my neck problem was almost completely gone.  I was able to read with no pressure to my neck.  And wearing a collar and tie caused no pain or discomfort.  I am committed to following the treatment plan formulated by Dr. Jeff and see if my condition continues to improve.  I would recommend to anyone with pain or stiffness that persists to try a Chiropractic adjustment.