Testimonials: Knee Pain

Carol McDonald

As I get older, I now see how my past experiences affected my body. We should take better care or it comes back to haunt us. For over 16 years I have suffered with my body hurting and making my life be less than it should. My knee, hip, back and shoulders remind me daily of a miserable life. I began treatment with Dr. Jeff a couple of weeks before Christmas 2004.

I am an anxious person and was skeptical about going to a chiropractor. My earlier experiences with different doctors over the years and different pain medicines just made days tolerable, but the pain never completely went away. I just learned to push through and keep going. My sister has been treated and was having relief. My stepfather would see one in Columbus—he told me, “Go 3 times, if you’re not better, quit!”

Well, I’m happy to say that after 3 visits I was better and continue to a normal life, drug-free, pain-free and happy!


Velma Barber

My problem started several years ago with pain in my hands, arms, shoulder, both knee’s and my back. It was painful to bend my fingers and my neck was stiff. When I walked a lot, my knee felt like it would give way. It was difficult to even do housework.

I have been under Dr. Jeff’s care since December of 2007. I can now move freely without pain. I had had breathing problems in the past, which has improved as well. I would recommend Dr. Jeff and Chiropractic to anyone, because it has helped me so much!

Velma Barber