Testimonials: Headaches

Chris Gieszler

I fell down the stairs in my home and slammed into a plate glass window.  Luckily the window did not break.  Of course I was too stubborn to go to the doctor.  Then within the next 18 months, I fell in the attic (still didn’t go to the doctor) and had a 50lb roof fall on my head!  At this point I was considerably lucky to be alive.  God is surely watching over me!  A friend at my church suggested that I come and see Dr. Jeff!  I was having headaches on a daily basis from the roof attack!

After an evaluation, I started treatments.  After one adjustment I had no more headaches!  What a relief!  Dr. Jeff has helped my other problems from the falls too!

Thanks to Dr. Jeff and his friendly staff!

Cris Gieszler

Carolyn Davenport

Hi! My name is Carolyn Davenport. I am currently attending the chiropractic service of Doctor Jeff Davenport.

When I began going to him 14 weeks ago, I was having migraine headaches so severe that I was taking Goody’s powder every night as long as I could remember. I was taking at least three powders a night. I also had pain in my neck and my right arm. I was taking a muscle relaxer for that.

The first week after visiting Dr. Jeff, my headaches went away. Now after 14 weeks, I’m not taking Goody’s powder or muscles relaxers. I’m almost at my goal.

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Davenport and his staff.

Carolyn Davenport

Frank Garrett

My name is Frank Garrett and I’ve been a brick layer for 35 years. I’ve also had several traumas to my back and neck. In one incident a beam was dropped on my head from 15 feet in the air; it required 36 stitches and resulted in stiffness in my neck and back, headaches, and fractured skull. For several years now, I’ve had tremendous stiffness in my neck, also sharp and dull pains in the lower back.

I never had the desire for doing anything after work because of the aches and pains, and I actually thought I would have to quit my trade. I have never been satisfied with normal medical exams, since they usually resulted in prescribed pain medicine.

I was at my wits end when I received a brochure advertising chiropractic care in the mail. So I decided to try Dr. Jeff Davenport and the results have been tremendous after only three months of care. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I have absolutely no more neck pain, which in itself is a miracle. That constant pain had made me so irritable that I mostly wanted to be left alone.

Now my lower back pain is dissipating at a tremendous rate and I in general feel physically and mentally 100% better. I highly recommend chiropractic care, especially from Dr. Jeff Davenport. Frankly, he has made life worth living again for me.

Gina Conwell

Fifteen years ago I began having migraines.  These migraines caused me to miss many days of school.  When they would happen, they would be so severe that I became a prisoner to my bedroom, unable to handle any kind of light or sound.  I would always know when one was coming because I would find myself very irritable for 2 to 3 days prior.  I went to 4 different doctors who checked my eyes and brain and all came to one conclusion – “this is something that affects some women,” and it was something I would have to live with.

One month ago, I started seeing a chiropractor.  I am happy to say that with his care I have not had one headache.  Everyday I go to work and face my industrial-sized bottle of Ibuprofen sitting upon my desk and thank God for the blessing he has sent to me.  Thank you Dr. Davenport for your care and guidance.

Janice Webb

My problems started a long time ago with an injury that happened at work. I lifted a box the wrong way and severely sprained my back. I was later diagnosed as having a pinched nerve in my lower back. This caused numbness and tingling in my right leg and lots of pain as well. When my back was at its worse, I had a hard time just walking. It is hard to walk when your leg is numb. Something as simple as rolling over in bed was painful. Also, I had migraine headaches. . I have been dealing with headaches all my life; whether from mental stress or other things. I was given drugs to take care of the pain. My life would be put on hold until my migraine would ease up. And I was having at least two per month and regular headaches at least every day. Usually I would wake up with a headache. All of the doctors that I went to would just give me more pills for my headaches and sometimes the drugs would make me feel even worse. As for my back, I was not ready for surgery yet.

I have always heard lots of good things about chiropractic care and I understood the principle of it, so I figured: “What could it hurt?!” I didn’t want to take pills for the rest of my life. So, I made an appointment at Davenport Family Chiropractic and was immediately put at ease by Dr. Jeff and his friendly staff. I started going in regularly for adjustments. After the first adjustment, I knew that things were going to be better. I had no stiffness in my neck and no headache when I woke up the next morning. As for my lower back pain, it is getting better as well.

It is so nice to be able to move and not have pain and stiffness. I can only imagine what I will feel like when I am back up to 100%. I know one thing, I will continue with my adjustments in order to maintain my optimum health. I never want to feel like I did before I started my treatment. Now I can enjoy life pain-free and drug-free!

Thank you, Dr. Jeff and staff at Davenport Family Chiropractic!

Janice Webb

Larry and Debra Jacobs

My wife and I have had some moderate back problems for several years due to all the things we had done throughout our lives that we thought would never affect in such negative ways. This also includes our choice of careers, which has taken its toll on our backs more than we could have ever known. Symptoms over the years have ranged from everyday upper and lower back pain, to headaches, sleeping problems, and apparently many more subtle problems that we never attributed to a misaligned spine. It is very difficult to know how long these problems existed, but it must have been many years since the relief we have obtained from Dr. Jeff has been invaluable.

Obviously, normal life has been impaired to the extent that we were taking OTC pain medication on a daily basis. Again, we could have never known how much this impacted our daily lives until we actually started receiving treatment from Dr. Jeff. My wife and I never saw a doctor for our back pain. It seemed to us that this was a part of our lives and taking the OTC pain medication was also a part of that.

We have been seeing Dr. Jeff for about 3-4 months and the results have been extraordinary. No more headaches except when the barometric pressure drops. We both sleep much better. No more general soreness. No more OTC pain medications for back pain. More energy, less stress and a feeling of general wellness is now part of our lives.

Dr. Jeff and his staff have made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Dr. Jeff is always making us feel happy to be there and it is this warm hospitability that will keep us coming back for many years to come. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone seeking relief from back problems and a whole lot more. It still amazes us that so many ills the human body goes through can be relieved and correct4ed from just a 5-minute spinal adjustment.

Larry & Debra Jacobs

Sandra Watson

My name is Sandra Watson. I am 45 years old and for the most part am a healthy, active, and energetic woman. However, in August of 1985 my life changed dramatically. I was in an auto accident in which my life changed dramatically. I was in an auto accident in which our car ran into the back of another car stopped in the middle of the Interstate with no brake lights. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in the hospital two months. The first month I spent in a coma and the other month in extensive therapy.

I consider it a miracle that I survived the accident in the first place. Even more of a miracle I am able to live a completely independent life being able to meet mine and my family needs. Unfortunately, though, I have suffered headaches since that accident 23 years ago.

I have been to numerous Doctors, including a Neurologist at Emory University who specializes in headaches. Each doctor put me on powerful prescription drugs, which had undesirable side effects. What is worse is none of them alleviated my headaches! As a result, I decided to totally give up in Doctors, but this led me to self medicate with myself with headache powders. I was taking as many as 8 powders in a day! I knew I was destroying my stomach and liver.

I found out about Dr. Jeff and have been coming to see him since November 2007. I can honestly say that it has been a struggle to get off of the headache powders, because I was so dependent upon them. I was determined, with the Lord’s help, to put that dependency behind me.

My headaches had been going on for so long that at first, I did not notice an improvement. Then after a month I decided to stop the headache powders cold turkey. At about the same time, I starting feeling relief from my headaches, after each visit with Dr. Jeff I have more energy and feel lighter on my feet! I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone who wants to improve his or her health and be delivered from dependency on drugs to feel better. I fully believe the best is yet to come for me! Thanks for letting me share my story. 

Sherrill Long

I had been experiencing headaches for over six months.  These headaches were occurring everyday and lasting more than four hours.  Sometimes I would wake during the night due to the headaches.  An MRI showed no problems.  Medications had too many side affects.

  My husband suggested I try a visit to his chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Davenport.  Reluctantly I agreed.  After my second adjustment, I could tell a difference.  The headaches were not being experienced as often and lasted shorter periods of time.

  While in Dr. Davenport’s office, I explained I was coughing due to a chronic cough that numerous physicians and specialists had given up on.  I had been told “just live with it”.  This cough had been experienced everyday for almost twenty years.  It started in 1987.  All types of testing for allergies and pulmonary have been done.  Specialists had me try all types of medications – anything new was prescribed.  The cough affected my sleep and I do not go out in crowds where a cough would disturb others – movies, concerts, etc.  I was reluctant to attend church services and group activities.  The people I worked with were very understanding.  Shopping was no fun.  I could not laugh or carry on conversations without coughing.  Dr. Davenport said I can help rid you for the cough and he has.  After only three weeks, I was able to participate in congregational singing at church for the first time in many, many years.  I have more energy, feel great, sleep all night.  The headaches are few and far between.  The cough is going away.  I did not develop these problems overnight but I believe continued adjustments will eventually completely eliminate these problems.  Thank-you Dr. Davenport and staff.

Sherrill Long

Leigh Chapman

My name is Leigh Chapman and about 4 years ago I was having headaches every, and some were worse than others. I went to my regular doctor and they gave me medicine to try and when they got so bad they sent me to have an MRI, then I went to the eye doctor and then to see a neurologist. The neurologist said that I had migraines but we could not figure out as to why. Then I felt as if I had become a guinea pig, trying a lot of different medicines to see what would work for me. I did not like taking the medicine but it was the only relief I had.

Then back in 2012 I had to see my gynecologist because I was having 18 to 20 hot flashes a day. She tested me and it came back that I was going through the change and at 45 that was depressing. Now I know where the migraines came from, apparently that is one of the side effects when going through the change.

In September of 2012 my headaches became worse, where I missed at least 3 to 4 days of work each month in addition to missing time with my family. Sometimes the headaches were so bad and lasted so long I would have to get an infusion of meds that would knock me out for a couple of days. From September 2012 to March 19, 2013 I had to have infusions at least once or twice a month. It is very hard being a mom and missing out on family time.

In March of 2013 my pastor told me about Dr. Davenport. He also had migraine headaches and I started seeing him and received such relief. Since I was at my wits end and becoming very depressed over all this, I decided to call Dr. Davenport. I couldn’t believe that I was able to get an appointment that afternoon and after spending time with me discussing my situation I decided to give this chiropractic care a try.

I started my treatment with Dr. Davenport on April 2, 2013 and as of August 22, 2013 I am now going only once a month. Since undergoing treatment I have had only two mild migraines and NO infusions.

If you are suffering from migraines I strongly encourage you to try chiropractic care. I was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor but since going I wish I had tried this years ago. Now I will not miss my once a month adjustment.

Thanks DFC, Leigh

Susanne Barfield

I began having headaches over two years ago. They started slowing going from one every couple of weeks to once a week to every day. The daily headaches lasted for over three months. It was when they affected my mental health that I finally decided to get some help. As a mom of three, there seemed to be little time to care for my personal needs but I realized I was not being the mom they needed me to be when I lost patience with them and had to go to bed early or take naps to help ease the pain from the headaches.

My first concern was there may be something wrong in my head that was creating pressure on my brain. After a visit to my doctor, he sent me to Athens Radiology for a MRI & MRA. My mother had an aneurism at about my age and this was a concern to both of us. Both results came back clear but the headaches continued. Being a big fan of physical therapy (for my kids with their many soccer injuries) I began a treatment of manual traction. No results with this either. My doctor decided to prescribe various medications such s seizure meds then depression meds…neither of which worked and had negative side effects.

I was sitting in the parking lot of Wal-Mart (enough to depress you!) and decided to cancel my PT appointment and make an appointment with Dr. Davenport that very same day. He also experienced his own problems with headaches which was why he entered into the chiropractic field. I explained that I had back surgery many years ago for scoliosis and had permanent Herrington rods fused to my spine. I had also been treated for degenerative disks having experienced symptoms such as loss of strength in my left arm. These issues had been treated with a year of cortisone trigger point shots with no results and finally with epidural cortisone shot, which helped the pain, subside.

The headaches were something I had NEVER experienced before and were very hard to live with on a daily basis. After the first adjustment, the headache went away that afternoon and even stayed away the following day. I will not tell you the headaches went away all together after that, though. Dr. Davenport was very patient working with me through the following weeks to get them under control with adjustments at least two times a week. I have just experienced my first week without a headache in a very long time and owe it all to Dr. Davenport! As I told him, I really don’t know how it all works, I am just so glad that it does! With continued adjustments, we hope to manage the headaches and will eventually require less frequent office visits.

I became a believer that there is an alternative to taking medications to help relieve the symptoms of pain. Chiropractic adjustments are a way to take care of the cause of the pain.

Thanks Dr. Davenport!

Susanne Barfield

The Dosters

Chiropractic care has improved the health of our entire family. Bruce (39) had neck, shoulder and back pain for years. He also had frequent headaches. Symptoms were relieved after the first adjustment and continue to improve. Cathy (33) had insomnia, hip pain, headaches and diarrhea. Insomnia and diarrhea ceased after the first adjustment, and the hip pain and headaches continued to decrease as well. Alex (11) has allergies and since getting adjustments, he decreased his medicine by more than half. Andy (7) and Anna (3) have seasonal allergies and frequent respiratory problems. Their medicines have been eliminated and symptoms have started but stopped in a few days as opposed to having a cold or infection with antibiotic treatment. We recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone we know because it has improved the quality of life for every member of our family!

The Doster Family