Testimonials: Back Pain

David Meyers

I am 32 years old and have had lower back pain on and off since my teens. I saw a chiropractor briefly in my 20s. Although, the pain has never been severe, it has caused a considerable amount of discomfort. When the problem worsened approximately 4 months ago, I knew it was time to do something about it. The pain was affecting me at work and my golf swing wasn’t exactly improving either. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff for 2 months now and I must admit that I feel much better. My flexibility has improved and so have my overall well being. I highly recommend chiropractic care for anybody who wants to improve their health.

David Myers

Dan Stuart

While “lifting and twisting” doing yard work, I felt a dull pull in my lower back, about two inches below the belt line. For a few days there was very little pain, but I began to feel some intermittent sensation down the back of my right leg which became more severe over time; additionally, after standing for 2-3 hours while ushering University of Georgia basketball games I would develop a sharp pain in the lower back which was relieved only by sitting or laying down. Both symptoms worsened over a period of 8-9 months and, because of the severity of the sciatic pain, my daily running had gone from 5 miles to less than a mile; I had turned into a “walker,” the antithesis of a runner; even my walks were becoming painful. Additionally, I was contemplating giving up my volunteer ushering, an activity I greatly enjoyed.

At first I tried stretching and strengthening exercises to correct the problem, along with over-the-counter pain medication before seeking medical help. My family doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer, which provided little relief. An MRI was ordered after my second visit; however, the test was not approved by my health insurance company which wanted me to visit a neurosurgeon. When discussing my situation one Sunday at church with a friend who is a Physician’s Assistant, I leared that the “MRI shows the surgeon where to cut,” and that a lot of my friend’s patients had been helped by Chiropractors. I was already reluctant to see a surgeon as my wife has had two back surgeries and is facing another.

After my very first treatment with Dr. Davenport, I was able to stand for a required 3-4 hours ushering basketball games with absolutely no pain developing in the lower back. Following a series of visits over a two month period, I am now back to my normal running schedule with no sciatic pain! I am training for a half-marathon road race and am looking forward to next fall’s basketball season. My experience with chiropractic treatment has been very successful and I strongly urge others to consider utilizing its services prior to seeing more drastic means of treatment.

Dan Stuart

Carol McDonald

As I get older, I now see how my past experiences affected my body. We should take better care or it comes back to haunt us. For over 16 years I have suffered with my body hurting and making my life be less than it should. My knee, hip, back and shoulders remind me daily of a miserable life. I began treatment with Dr. Jeff a couple of weeks before Christmas 2004.

I am an anxious person and was skeptical about going to a chiropractor. My earlier experiences with different doctors over the years and different pain medicines just made days tolerable, but the pain never completely went away. I just learned to push through and keep going. My sister has been treated and was having relief. My stepfather would see one in Columbus—he told me, “Go 3 times, if you’re not better, quit!”

Well, I’m happy to say that after 3 visits I was better and continue to a normal life, drug-free, pain-free and happy!


Betty Higgenbottom

My name is Betty Higginbotham and this is my success story. I am 78 years old and I have had back pain for over 10 years. My back was in such a pain that doctors advised me to have surgery, which I did in May of 1995. I would get a back ache if walking, and I certainly could not stand very long. It was awful and I was starting to get depressed.

For the past 10 years, I could not walk very much and it was affecting every aspect of my life. I could not go shopping without a use of a walking stick. Even though, I would have to stop after a short period to get a break from the pain.

I have seen four different doctors and they did not help me at all. Also I was sent to a pain clinic, which did not help either. My back always hurt and I had to take pain medicine every single day to stay out of pain. Then a wonderful thing happened. My friend, Wanda, told me about Dr. Jeff at Davenport Family Chiropractic.

Since June 19, 2003, I have been seeing Dr. Jeff and am in little to no pain. I am now seeing him twice a week and the results are incredible. Why? Because I am able to walk without pain. I am now able to do more of my house work without my walking stick. I have improved so much that I have gone from taking pain pills to ice packs.

Thank you so much for all you have done, Dr. Jeff. You and your staff are some of the most caring health care professionals I have ever met. You’re the best!!!

With much love and appreciation…

Betty Higginbotham

Aaron Boyd

Being active in sports and the outdoors has always been a big part of my life and it is from what I draw much of my fulfillment. Over the years, my leisure time has been packed with basketball, soccer, hockey, aikido, collegiate volleyball, rock climbing, backpacking, and cycling. I figured that as with any sports you are passionately involved in, your body will probably acquire certain sore spots or pain in areas due to the abuse from that sport. For example, I would have sharp pain in my elbow every time I played volleyball, which limited my ability to play the game I loved so much to only one or two games.

I just expected limitations like these as a permanent curse I did to myself. Two months ago, I abruptly came to the realization that something had to be done. I played basketball over the holidays with some family. After playing three competitive games of “Twenty-one,” my body felt a little more sore than usual. The next day, and about three weeks after that, sharp pains and stiffness plagued my lower back every time I shifted my weight on it.

Around the same time, I attended a trigger point workshop with my wife that Dr. Jeff was hosting. Shortly after, I began my own Chiropractic treatment plan. Only after one month of Chiropractic treatments, I am able to do things that I hadn’t done in years. Even though, my treatment plan is not complete yet, I’m playing volleyball twice a week for three hours straight each session and am training for a sprint triathalon with absolutely no pain! I’m so excited to be able to do the things that I get so much enjoyment from without any pain. Chiropractic WORKS! Thanks, Dr. Jeff!

Aaron Boyd

Deborah Purcell

I started working with Dr. Jeff Davenport, because of physical pain in my back. Since June 2001, he adjusted my spine with excellent results. I am currently pain-free and thoroughly enjoying this. Another benefit of chiropractic was a total surprise to me!

After years of being unable to drink or eat dairy products without consequence and digestive problems with other foods as well, I made an amazing discovery by accident!

I was eating out in a restaurant and discovered that the entrée I was eating had cheese in it. Of course, I found this out after I had eaten some of it. I prepared for the problems that were to follow s they always did when I ate dairy. The rest of the day passed and no problems were to be seen. I just knew it was going to hit the next day! However, the next day passed without incident as well.

Then it hit me! I had been seeing Dr. Jeff for quite a few months by this time and the lack-of-dairy-problem had to be a direct result of his adjustments! I literally ran to the kitchen and ate a piece of cheese, on purpose, with the full intentions of seeing if this was a one time occurrence or long-term benefit.

I am very happy to report that I now eat a bowl of Cheerios in the morning and a grilled cheese sandwich whenever I want one as well as lasagna, stuffed shells, and cheeseburgers…without incidents.

Thank you, Dr. Jeff! I believe my healed digestive system is a direct result of yoru skill as a chiropractor and to chiropractor itself!

‘Cheese to you, Dr. Jeff!

Deborah Purcell

Dollie Daniels

Even though, others told me chiropractic treatments helped them, I never believed it could help me. About thirty years ago, I had a back injury that resulted in surgery. I was faithful in doing my exercises and careful about lifting—and thought I had recovered completely.

About two years ago, I suffered a pinched nerve in my neck. Them my back began to ache again with pain down my leg. Many days I was unable to go to my job because of pain. I exhausted the services of my primary care physician, my orthopedist and the physical therapist. Although, the condition improved, I still found it necessary to take pain medication and still missed days from work.

In desperation I finally saw a chiropractor. To my surprise, I found myself steadily improving and soon off all medication. After a year of chiropractic care, I am virtually pain-free and convinced that chiropractic doctors have a valuable place in medical care. I hope it doesn’t take others thirty years to learn how important chiropractors are in maintaining a healthy body. The added bonus is: “I don’t feel as if I am over seventy years old.”

Dollie Daniels

Gary Turnball

My name is Gerry Turnbull and I began to have problems with my back about ten years ago. I thought it was caused by heavy lifting at my work. Then I began to have problems with my hip and legs. I had hip replacements on both hips. This helped for a while; but the back pain began to return. I went to a doctor who ordered x-ray and then recommended surgery. That was three years ago. This helped for a while, but the problem returned. I could stand only for a short while and could not walk for only for a short distance. I was on Celebrex and Foramax, which helped, but did not stop the pain.

Six months ago, I made my first visit to Dr. Davenport’s office. At first I was having treatment twice a week. Then I went to once a week and now I have treatment once every two weeks. My ability to do things I previously could not do has returned me to a lifestyle I have not known for ten years. I highly recommend chiropractic treatment for anyone who is experiencing back, neck, or leg problems. It has certainly changed the way I live. Thank you, Dr. Jeff!

Glen Morris

My name is Glenn Morris and I am 25 years old. I have always been very active in sports and have been in two car accidents in the last three years. Over the past three years, I have had problems sleeping and have had back pains. I also started having problems with acid reflux. My uncle recommended seeing Dr. Jeff and said he could probably help me. Well, Dr. Jeff did! I have been seeing Dr. Jeff for only a month and I already feel a ton better. I have been sleeping through the whole night, the acid reflux has stopped, and my back pains have stopped as well. I’m so glad I started coming to Dr. Jeff’s office and realize that chiropractic care really works! Thanks a million, Dr. Jeff!

Holly Sanford

I’ve suffered from lower back, shoulder, and neck pain for many years. For the last 7 years I have treated myself to massage therapy sessions twice a month. While the massage therapy has kept me going, I’ve always wondered what a Chiropractor could do for me.

I’ve been bucked off a horse, and I’ve fallen down a flight of stairs (no alcohol was involved!) Actually it was a simple step over the baby gate that got me to seek out chiropractic care. As I stepped over the baby gate, I felt a “pop” in my back and spent the next 2 days unable to stand erect without significant pain.

My massage therapist had recommended Dr. Jeff’s office to me on numerous occasions so I contacted them immediately after my incident. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff now for the past 3 months and I must admit I feel better than I have in a long time. My acute problem began to improve with my very first adjustment and I find myself looking forward to my scheduled visits. This, of course, is odd because I have never been one to go to the doctor. Since seeking Chiropractic care, my sinus and digestive problems have improved as well.

I would highly recommend Chiropractic care to everyone, especially if you suffer from chronic back or neck problems. Who knows, it might help with other problems you may have as well.

Holly Sanford

Jim Morrell

In May of 2001, I purchased my own business. With the stress of getting everything going combined with sitting at a desk 10 hours a day, I began having severe back pain. After a week of the problem worsening, to the point I could barely get up and down from a chair, I visited Dr. Jeff.

My initial desire was to STOP THE PAIN!!! Dr. Jeff’s initial desire was to find the cause and begin correcting the problem. After a few visits, he had me back on track. Dr. Jeff encouraged me to continue treatment in order to see benefits other than pain relief.

Through his magic touch, I began to regain flexibility, posture, and confidence that my back would no longer just “go out.” I began to see the greatest difference in my golf game. Dr. Jeff explained how the problems I was having in my back were affecting my swing. I have tried clubs, lessons, practice, and anything I could find to improve my game. After about 12 months, Dr. Jeff has improved me from a 90’s golfer to the 70’s.

Dr. Jeff is the man!

~Jim Morrell, “officially 7 handicapper”

(as of 10/04/2003)

Jodye McCain

My right shoulder problem started four years ago after a motorcycle accident.  My lower back problems started about 8 month ago.  My shoulder would hurt and burn.  My lower back ached.  I tried to ignore the problems, then took ibuprofen figuring it was just a part of life.  I continued my daily life but was always aware of my pain.  I first saw Dr. Jeff on February 5, 2006.  I can’t believe my results so far!  It hasn’t only helped the problems I talked to him about, but it has even helped my mood!  I would definitely recommend chiropractic care and Dr. Jeff especially because he is very gentle and explains everything to you along the way. 

John Colegrove

Only after a couple of adjustments, I’m already noticing that it’s easier just to stand without shifting weight from one foot to the other. Thanks, Dr. Jeff!

John Sybrandt

While I have only visited Dr. Jeff and his merry land for two weeks, I have noticed a very positive trend toward less pain in my lower back. I have had problems since my early teens due to athletic stress and over-activity. I am now 66 and not looking forward to living in pain going forward! I am very optimistic about the plan Dr. Jeff has suggested. For the past many years I have just lived with the pain and discomfort. Anti-inflammatory drugs and Tylenol only mask the problem. I am starting to believe that adjustments will hopefully correct the problem areas and allow a more normal and less painful life. There are many things Karen and I want to do and living with pain is not a good option. She is under care currently and Dr. Jeff is working with her on a similar program with a few more creative treatment ideas. If the positive results continue I would happily suggest Chiropractic care to others. I look forward to doing that!

Thank you!

John Sybrandt

Katrina Evans

I started coming to Dr. Jeff about a year ago. My lower back had been hurting for quite some time and my neck hurt so much when I turned my head from side to side. As time went on, the pain from my head to my lower back became so intense that my whole body ached to simply turn over in bed – I am not exaggerating! I had NEVER been to a Chiropractor before, but I was certainly willing to give it a try. I refused to believe I “had to live with this!” because of my age…I’m still too young!

A patient of Dr. Jeff’s steered me toward Davenport Family Chiropractic. In just a few visits, all of the pain was gone…just like that. My job, now, is to stick to a regular appointment schedule of approximately every two weeks in order to maintain my well-being. Because when I don’t see Dr. Jeff on a regular basis, I suffer. The pain I used to experience gradually begins to return, forcing me back to Dr. Jeff for an adjustment. And when I get the adjustment, I feel so much better and again, the pain is gone. It’s amazing!!! I had no idea how important Chiropractic is!!!

Katrina Evans

Louis Kraus

I have always been extremely active, hiking, camping, boating and gardening is my passion. From childhood, there has always been a personal garden in my life; and additionally, I volunteer in the greenhouses at the State Botanical (on and off since 1994 and weekly since 1998). At least six years ago, my back began to progressively limit my scope and hours of gardening as well as all other activities. The last three years I have had almost constant back pain severely limiting my physical activity and pleasure, even just walking or standing. From one bad experience in 1946, I had no confidence n chiropractic treatments, but a friend convinced me to see Dr. Jeff with the assurance it would not hurt. The results have been positively amazing and I found immediate relief from the pain. It has been a month now and I know I have a long way to go from immediate relief to a more permanent resolution but the treatments have made my life not only tolerable but a pleasure. I know there will be ups and downs, but the outlook is so promising I only wish I had found Dr. Jeff many years ago.

Thank you, DFC!

Lynn Grahm

It was December 2005…The pain in my lower back was excruciating. I couldn’t get comfortable at any given time. Whether I was sitting, standing, lying down, it didn’t matter. I put up with it for about two weeks and Christmas was fast approaching, so I had to do something. I was referred to Dr. Jeff by my son’s teacher. I went in for X-rays and we talked about my situation. He wanted to get me to the point where I wasn’t in so much pain and I was willing to do that.

I started the treatment and within a week or less, I could actually function without a lot of pain. I continued on my schedule at three times per week for a few more weeks, and now I am pain-free. My visits have become less frequent at two times a week and eventually decrease to about once a month for maintenance care.

This was the first lower back episode I’ve had and I’m going to do everything I can to prevent it from happening again. Keep up the good work, Dr. Jeff, and keep me pain-free!

Lynn Graham

Paige Tidwell

My problems began six years ago as an over-weight teenager. After losing seventy pounds I began suffering with constant lower back pain, acid reflux, and TMJ. I searched for relief and comfort for many years. I honestly could not find comfort in most everyday activities. Sitting, standing, and sleeping were all painful and uncomfortable activities.

Each of these created many problems and symptoms that were not only a discomfort, but also an expense. I visited many doctors and tried countless remedies. All showed no signs of relief. After talking with co-workers and friends, I decided to give chiropractic care a chance in relieving my pain.

At first, I was a little nervous and unsure, but it soon disappeared after talking with Dr. Davenport and his staff. Over the past couple of months, I have truly realized the effectiveness of chiropractic care. I no longer suffer with acid reflux, TMJ, or constant lower back pain and discomfort as I have in the past. My symptoms have decreased tremendously and I would definitely recommend Dr. Davenport’s Family Chiropractic services to others.

Rachel McGee

My body was so cold trying to tell me something was wrong. My body hurt all over.

My body remembered me falling during an ice storm. That must have hurt my back that threw everything out of line. The pain became so great. My body cried out for help.

My prayers to God were answered when I asked for His guidance. I found a number that said: “Go here!” The ad showed “Healing Hands.”

Thank you, Dr. Jeff, for your healing hands. God has given you a special gift. Thank you for sharing those healing hands.

Rachel McGee

Muggsy Kenimer

After one adjustment from Dr. Jeff’s very capable hands, my stiff neck was relieved. My lower back pain was gone and my quality of life was restored. The pre-adjustment exam was thorough and professionally done. Don’t give in to back pain! See Dr. Jeff!

Muggsy Kenimer

Nancy McElhannon

My name is Nancy McElhannon and I am 62 years old. I have always worked and been a very active person. In August of 2002, I started having back and leg pains. I went to a neurosurgeon who gave me pain medication, which didn’t really help with the pain. Later that year in October, I had back surgery and was in more pain that I could hardly walk. I had no feeling in my leg and my toes. I also remained on the pain medication.

In January of 2003, after not being able to return to work, I lost my job of 10 years. In March 2003, I had a second surgery by a different doctor who told me I had two damaged nerves in my back and leg. After the second surgery, I again remained on pain medication and could only walk for three minutes without pain. Later that year, I was put on disability because I could not walk or stand for any length of time. As a result, I became depressed and continued my treatment with the pain medication.

In March 2004, my daughter told me about Dr. Jeff Davenport, whom she had been going to for migraine headaches. I made an appointment with Dr. Davenport and the healing began. It is now May 2004 and I am getting some feeling in my leg and toes. I am no longer on prescription pain medication.

I feel as if I have my life again. I wish I had known about Dr. Davenport before my first surgery and I highly recommend him to anyone for any problem! I know he’s helped me!

Thank you, Dr. Davenport!

Marilyn Saxon

My name is Marilyn F. Saxon and I began having problems with my low back and legs in 1987 as a result of a rear-end collision. I moved to Athens in 1999 and am now being treated by Dr. Davenport.

My symptoms included sharp pain in my middle low back with pain shooting from my hips down my left leg. At times the pain would go down both legs. The pain was disabling. I was not able to stand up for any length of time without being in excruciating pain. The pain was there when I walked as well. I have also had pain in my shoulders. It has been an ongoing disabling pain for me for years. Recently I have also had very severe pain in hips going down legs for four weeks without any relief.

The injury took a lot of joy out of my life because of my inability to participate in sports I enjoy. As a result, I have gained weight as well.

Since the accident in 1987, I have seen orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and other chiropractors. I took muscle relaxants and pain medication all to no avail.

Dr. Davenport’s methods of adjusting have helped me more than any of the above. It was only after three adjustments that my pain completely disappeared. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Davenport has helped me and given me relief from the pain. I am grateful!

Mary Malcombe

I am a nurse and I was not too sure about chiropractic care.  I went with my husband to his first appointment.  I found it to be very interesting.  I am pregnant and I did not know chiropractic care could benefit me.  I was having low back pain, neck pain, and I’ve always had sinus problems for years when I got pregnant.  I could not take sinus medication.  I thought I had to live with the low back pain and hip pain because I was pregnant.  It was hard to sleep at night.  My OB said I could just take Tylenol and Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  I have been very nervous about taking any kind of medication while being pregnant.  Since coming to Davenport Family Chiropractic, I just take my prenatal vitamins and I sleep better at night.  I recommend this to any pregnant woman having low back pain and trouble sleeping at night.  This has been a great experience for me.  I feel very safe while being pregnant under chiropractic care.  The pregnancy pill is so comfortable.  Both my husband and I are having great results.

Mary Malcome

Marian Jones

I have had lower back pain and aching in my right leg for as long as I can remember.  My shoulder and right arm and hand have hurt and had tingling and numbness for 10+ years.  I just figured I was going to hurt or eventually have to have surgery, which I did not want to do.

I have been receiving chiropractic care for about 1 ½ months.  My back and leg no longer hurt and my right shoulder and arm do not hurt nor is there any numbness. 

It works!

Marian Jones

Patt Huff

I began treatment with Davenport Family Chiropractic approximately two months ago. I met Dr. Jeff when he spoke to our Church ladies regarding general health suggestions, including menopause. I have been having lower back pain since a fall over 35 years ago, and recently I began having tingling and numbness in my left hand and right thigh. My quality of sleep had deteriorated to about 3 to 4 hours per night, even though I was taking Tylenol PM every night before bedtime. I began seeing Dr. Jeff three times per week for a month and could tell a difference in my lower back problems almost immediately. I have not taken an aspirin or any other medication for two months now and am sleeping through the night and getting some much needed rest.

I still have a ways to go before I can say I am completely healed, but take into account that these problems have been with me for at least 35 years. I thank Dr. Jeff and his staff for the caring and gentle treatments that are making my life much more enjoyable and pain-free!!!

Pam McNair

I have enjoyed being an active person my entire life, but with that came accidents and pain. I’ve been living with spinal problems since I was in my teens and even had to have a disc removed in my early thirties. I had resigned myself to living with a lot of pain.

I couldn’t stand up straight, I limped when I walked and carried my neck crooked. My problems were compounded with health issues plus the loss of both ACL’s. I could no longer “just get through” things. My job, as a horse trainer and rider, is extremely physical, so I came with a friend to Dr. Jeff’s office and my life changed within TWO weeks!

I still have ways to go but after a month of treatment, I feel so much better! I don’t always hurt getting out of bed in the morning, I feel and walk straighter! My neck is loosening up and I am enjoying my life with better health. Thank you, Dr. Jeff!

Nick Carden

My name is Nick Carden and I am 26 years old. I started visiting Dr. Jeff in November of 2004. My wife originally prompted me to visit Dr. Jeff by sharing how Dr. Jeff had increased her well-being in just a couple of visits. I was introduced to Dr. Jeff and his staff at one of the Trigger Point Workshops. I was impressed at what he had to say and offer.

During this time I was suffering from lower back pain and a lack of energy. I am a full-time equine barn manager and having an efficient use of my back is very important. My lower back pain was inhibiting my ability to do my job well.

After just a few adjustments from Dr. Jeff, I noticed I was able to lift heavy objects again without the usual burning sensation. I was also able to sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Now after 7 months of treatment I feel more rested and I have more energy.

Furthermore, I am participating in the Healthy Living Program that Dr. Jeff promotes. Currently, I have lost a few pounds and I am on my way to becoming more fit. I am glad that Dr. Jeff is in my life. I feel more like my age of 26. My visits to Dr. Jeff have made my investment worth while. Thanks, Dr. Jeff!

Sam Malcombe

Hello, my name is Sam Malcome, Jr.  I started having severe enough back pain to seek treatment last November.  I had decided to lift weights without properly warming up.  The injury left me with a ripped-up lower back.  I went to my physician for treatment and received some injections to relax the muscles.  I also received a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication.  This got rid of my symptoms but not the problem.  I became interested in chiropractic treatment after meeting the knowledgeable staff at Davenport Family Chiropractic during a county health fair.  I knew my back was bad; my eyes were opened after my initial exam.  The x-ray I saw put the pain into perspective.  Apparently, the injury I had given myself was the final straw not the beginning.  I had an “S” curve spine from a frontal view.  My active lifestyle of riding horses and all the spills that had incurred had slowly twisted my spine.  Since I have begun having adjustments, my symptoms (lower back pain, stiff neck, constipation, shoulder pain) have all but vanished.  Davenport Family Chiropractic has another happy member.

Sam Malcome

Sharon Levine

My pregnancy started in May 2010. And while not at all a problem, I realized the stress it would have on my body could lead to problems.

I began coming to Davenport Chiropractic in my first trimester for massage and adjustments. As I grew bigger and started comparing my pregnancy experiences to other pregnant woman I met I realized that mine was going exceptionally smooth. I soon learned to not even share my experience because woman started to envy that I still had lots of energy and very few aches and pains even into my third trimester.

And the best thing is that when I expected that I didn’t even realize I was in true labor until I finally went in to check for progress to be told the baby was ready to come out. I know the great work from Dr. Jeff, Kim, Teresa, (and Dede’s smiling face) helped everything be in the right position and allowed me the easy unmediated labor I wanted.

Sarah Pelhank

My lower and middle back had hurt for a long time (since I was a teenager).  My back always felt tight and tender and sometimes it would get so bad that it was hard to breathe.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my range of motion was also limited.  Since I couldn’t recall doing anything to cause the pain, I thought it was normal and that I was just too sensitive.  So I just let it go for a long time.

Then my aunt recommended Dr. Jeff, so I went to his office thinking at this point, anything would help.  From that first visit on, the staff and Dr. Jeff put me at ease.  Dr. Jeff was very careful to explain what was going on with my body and how we would fix it.  Since then, I’ve never looked back.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff for two months and the pain is now rare.  Also, it is now a longer time between visits before my back tightens up.  My range of motion is much improved.  I feel like a new person!  It’s amazing how fast you get used to being pain free!  I know Dr. Jeff and I still have some work to do, but I wouldn’t trade my chiropractor (or his staff) for the world.

Sarah Pelhank

Suzanne Walker

I began therapy with Davenport Family Chiropractic on November 16th, 2002, after months of severe lower back pain from a horse accident. At the time of my accident, I was prescribed pain medication and instructed to apply ice to the area three or four times a day with very limited physical activity.

My lower back pain continued which restricted me from doing my usual chores on our horse farm, and I was exhausted due to many sleepless nights.

Not really knowing anything about Chiropractic Therapy and a bit skeptical, I was willing to try anything for some relief. This was absolutely the best decision I made! I can actually sleep at night, bend and touch my toes, exercise, and ride horses again. My energy level has increased immensely.

Chiropractic treatments not only have been highly beneficial for my regained mobility and physical health, but they have ceased my migraine headaches that I have suffered with for 15 years. Wow!

Thanks so much, Dr. Jerry and Dr. Jeff! I am truly a firm believer in Chiropractic Therapy and would recommend it for anyone.


Suzanne Walker

Stella Bain

I just wanted to say “Thanks” to Dr. Jeff and Dr. Brian for helping me so much after my bad fall in which I twisted my back. When I determined that I had no broken bones I thought that some pain pills and a little time was all that I needed. But a week later, I was no better and still in excruciating pain. I came to Franks Chiropractic “Life” Center and Dr. Jeff and Dr. Brian both took turns treating me daily. In about two weeks, I was completely off pain pills and in another month, I could walk and bend without pain. I am 75 years old so this was quite an accomplishment. I had also had dizziness when I turned my head to look sideways. When I mentioned this to Dr. Jeff he started adjusting my neck and soon I could turn my neck without any discomfort or dizziness.

I heartily recommend both these doctors.


Stella Bain